Month: July 2018

Loving in Rutland

The Administrator

Photography Blog Post:


I don’t live in Rutland, I love in Rutland.


It’s simply a stunning place to live.  Beauty around every corner and a passion ground for many a photographer.

Though it’s often the less beaten track or place that lends itself at the right time to the beauty within the landmarks and famous water scenery…

Or simply the path often taken when heading out with the dog for a late evening walk in the glorious weather and evening transition light to-night.

This particular field and the sky setting it ablaze is a walk route favoured by my dog and I, him as it’s well-travelled by other dogs, me as it is a shortcut to my allotment plots.

I offer you a small pictorial gallery.

“Loving in Rutland”

Beats just “Living in Rutland”.


Railway Sleepers – Power Carving

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Oh yes…


Blog Post:


Webmaster Summer thoughts..


“Its hot…”


Some time in the Bonsai Studio required…

Coffee time

The Administrator

Blog Post.


Van stuff.


Worrying about the van constantly, aside from Shadow and I riding in it there is realistically only 2 other people who ride up front in the passenger seat.

One being a client.

So the idea of one of the van doors not working and closing properly is a concern.


A big one.


However, SOTG finally came good and got the Coffee run supplies sorted!  Now need to fix the mobile Hot Coffee making supplies.

(Placed with full irony intended.)  ;]

The Bonsai Studio

– Photo Studio & Propagation Lab.


Installation and experimentation with the new mini pop up Photo Studio time today…


Not only “Borrowing” the Grow Tent T5 Lighting rig…

Eventually the actual grow tent enclosure also!