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– Life should be more like Bonsai –

What does that mean?

Essentially a Bonsai Tree is a small tree in a pot or tray, cared for by someone.

Both above ground and below Bonsai Trees are carefully looked after, the tree is pruned, wired, shaped, fed, nurtured and protected.

Rutland Bonsai Therapy believe the same of the people we work with.  Your day-to-day life is no doubt stressful enough, allow us to support you and take you away from your day-to-day life and spend some quality time in a setting where you can hear the birds singing, the insects buzzing and all the while spend time gaining Horticultural Therapy while being productive and potentially learning some new Life Skills.

The aim of Rutland Bonsai Therapy is primarily to support you while you spend time working with some of our Bonsai Trees or Garden spaces in a relaxing & Therapeutic setting.  Allowing you to achieve an almost Zen like state and forget about what troubles you, working through your issues, or just to spend time away and get some respite from your usual Monday through till Sunday life with staff that come from a Social Care background.

We invite you to spend time working along with our Staff in a Working Garden & Bonsai Nursery to gain the benefits of the therapeutic value of gardening, being outdoors working the land, planting, growing, cultivating and harvesting crops and Flowers.

You are invited to join us while we care for Bonsai Trees, Cacti, Carnivorous plants (Not for the squeamish!) Flowers and Vegetables.  We can provide gloves if you prefer not to get your hands mucky or dirt under your fingernails!

If you fancy getting a bit more physical and hands on, we also work with reclaimed Wood and other reclaimed materials to build & create practical items or Artwork.  Sometimes it just feels good to hammer nails into wood, we promote that, a little of what makes you feel good can do wonders for you!

We also offer 1-2-1 support with Life Skills and supporting you in your own home if required.  This can be on a Personal Assistant basis or a few hours per week helping you with your own Garden.

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