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These Offers are Specific to Rutland Bonsai.

The links below are to Items or Offers hand Crafted by RBT.  It is one of the ways we pay for the Website, storage for the Website and Hosting + Tech Support to keep the Website Online.

Sales of the Items and Offers below directly helps this Business.

Custom Bonsai Soil Mix:

One of the things about Bonsai is the diversity and variety.

Not only of Species and their individual requirements, but also yours.

As your Location may require a soil for a tree that is completely different from someone with the same Tree Species but in another Area or Country for example.  IF you only have a few Trees you may not wish to purchase a regular quantity of the soil make up, instead wish to specify what you need and a quantity.

Rutland Bonsai can provide this service.


Private Bonsai Tree Sales.

When I am selling one of my Private Stock.  Items Sold as Seen.  Postage of a Courier of my Choice Fee to be added on to any Offer Accepted.  So; ITEM + Postage paid by you.  Packing and giving to a trusted Courier  paid for by me.

If interested; GoTo Contact Page Please.


Local Potter Wanted!

It would be nice to again connect with someone who might enjoy or already does craft Bowls, Pots, Saucers and other little items of Delight.  If you’d like your Work Featured and have it photographed with a Bonsai Tree from my collection, please Contact me.

Would also like a Potter I can have a chat with about making up some Custom Pots of my own Design.  So if you fancy a bit of a challenge, it’d be fun to do some testing and make a working product of the Bonsai Tree and Bonsai Pot together.

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