Rutland Bonsai Therapy started off initially working a single piece of land with the intention of taking on several more once “Plot 1” was up and running.  The initial design for the future of the company was based on a Phased work plan.  Phase 1 involves setting up and starting 3 plots of land.

During all Phases Clients and Service Users will gain Life Skills and practical knowledge that will help them work their own gardens or help other people with their gardens while gaining the therapeutic benefits of working the land and with plants in a relaxed setting.

They will gain hands on knowledge of planning and execution of how to grow from seed, what is required by plants to grow and develop, pot on, troubleshoot deficiencies and deal with pests and diseases all while enjoying the benefits of building things and growing things.

While working with the Bonsai trees they will benefit from the stress reduction and calming effect they can have on you and learn how to find their inner calm and push aside anxiety or stress by focussing on something that requires them to think and be creative while considering the trees needs.

Distraction, creation, relaxation – being the key to Bonsai Therapy!

Plot 1.

Is the outdoor work area, used to grow Bonsai Trees, Flowers and Vegetables.  Also where much of the initial building and woodworking will be done to build the items needed to develop Plot 1, then Plot 2 and 3.

View the Plot 1 Project.

As soon as Plot 1 has been turned into a working piece of land; Plot 2 will be started.

Plot 2.

Will be the indoor work area.  This area will be used to propagate from seed, keep tender plants out of the elements while they develop and hopefully also enable us to keep Exotic, Tropical or Subtropical Flowers, Plants and Trees.

It will also allow us to work with our clients and Service Users in inclement weather and during the off season under cover and allow some temperature control for Client and Service User comfort.

View Plot 2 as it was when I first took over the plot.

Plot 3.

Plot 3 will be designed to be an “Off the Grid” gardening experience, using as much Green Technology as possible to supply it with Water, Heat and even Power hopefully.  Using reclaimed materials and technology this Project will hopefully feature Rocket Mass heating, Solar Harvesting and run in conjunction with an Aquaponic system that not only waters the plants that grow in it, but deliver fertiliser while doing so from the main sump of water that houses its own Fish.  The waste from the Fish being pumped from their containment tank and fed through Plot 3 via micro irrigation, leaving behind the nutrients and nitrogen from the Fish waste and the water eventually being filtered by the plants and a Veggie filter so when it is returned to the Fish tank it has been scrubbed clean.

This will be the culmination of the 3 stages of Rutland Bonsai Therapy Phase 1 – initial Business setup.

Once Plot 3 has reached a completion point where it is up and running, the company will execute Phase 2 of its business strategy and look for a site to start Phase 2.  An area of land ready for cultivation with an space that allows indoor workshops and an office area close enough to the working land to enable powered and mains supplied water all in once place.

Phase 2.

Will allow the building of a small purpose built “on site Nursery” to grow from seed all the plants, trees and other stock needed; as well as the workshop to start work on the creation of the Therapeutic Gardens and also the Sensory Gardens.  The aim will be to encourage Clients and Service Users to be supported as they get involved and enjoy the benefits of all the plants and trees surrounding them while the Nursery and Workshops are built and set up.

Then once the Nursery and Workshops are up and running the hard landscaping and ground works will commence to build the initial Gardens, the first priority being at least One Therapeutic Garden and One Sensory Garden.  The potential at this point to add a Snoezelen could be of great benefit to the Region.

As these are built and developed; Rutland Bonsai Therapy will see if it is possible to establish an on site Coffee and Tea house, with the possibility of light snacks and cakes being on offer also.  This again being an area that can be featured as another Day opportunity for Service Users and Clients to get involved in.  Again offering Life Skill support and creating positions of potential employment for people.

If space and funding allows, we would also like to have an indoor area designated for teaching courses such as Basic Computer Use, how to create your initial Internet ID so you can use Electronic Mail, basic Internet Surfing lessons like how to set up your Web Browser, add favourites and use Search Engines; through to more advanced demonstrations on Blogging, PC Security and even How to Build your own Computer from components.  This space could also be used for other subject experts or teachers to use for their own specialities, broadening the spectrum of what we can offer and utilising the space to it’s potential.

Phase 3.

As I have always thought…

If you do not dream you can never move forward.

If you are going to dream, dream big.

If the first phases are possible then the final phase will be the most challenging but rewarding.

A full scale working Bonsai Nursery, Water Feature Gardens with Aquatics centre, Hot House, and full cafe to fit in with the Therapeutic/Sensory Gardens and Snoezelen.  Complete Woodwork and Metalwork units, for building what the site needs as well as crafting items for sale.  While also teaching hands on practical skills and encouraging artistic ventures made of Wood and Metal.  Also allowing custom orders to be made or for us to engage in charitable causes by building items needed in the community or supporting other Social Enterprises, Charities or Trusts.

Staffed with a mix of Support workers and Day Opportunities candidates and a haven for Rutlands Vulnerable Adults or Children and Young Adults and people with Learning Disabilities along with full access for Disabled visitors with their Carers, Families or Support Workers.  As well as the general public, residents of Rutland and potentially as a Tourist attraction.

Hopefully with many of the staff coming from people who came to Rutland Bonsai Therapy for Therapy and now have come back to support others as they received theirs.  Students becoming teachers and sharing their Life Skills and experiences to help others as they were once helped.

Much as others helped me to overcome my long term health issues; so now I try and help others.

Full Circle Thinking, Karma…

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