Bonsai Zen – Woodland Garden

The Client’s Initial Brief:


I’d like a water feature building in my front garden.  Which has recently been taken from 4 foot high Weeds to being weeded out and then having Weed Control Fabrics laid down which would degrade and rot inside 3 years or less: and Bark chippings were going to be placed in many layers over that time to build a natural weed suppressant.


This water feature is to be on a raised bed or rockery and enable irrigation to something on the water feature but also surrounding Plants, Trees, Fruit Tree/vines and even vegetables.   Oh and can you make it so I can keep, show or use to nurse back to health……

Remember when I said it was a Bonsai Zen – Woodland Garden…

Ohhhh, sounds like a nice easy project!

IT was…

In a Front Garden, close to the Roadside…


Oh, did I forget to mention it was on a small Close, and a New Build house that had never had its garden properly tamed and most of the builders rubble when the estate was built.

Was under a few inches of poor quality “Top Soil”…

& of course had only a tiny privet kept at waist height between the Residents and the Neighbours and public footpath about 10 foot away from the kitchen window which overviewed the area Stock was going to have to be cultivated for and ready to move into an odd combo of potential problems or issues for Bonsai trees…

Then the client spoke to me for a moment when I asked them initially why they wanted Bonsai and how would they be cared for?

Imagine if you will…

Needing a few moments of tranquility and peace, to find your own inner peace.

The stress of work and life has taken its toll for the day.

You had a few moments after coming back to home life.

Once you’d done all the essential things and chores or tasks.

Fed & watered yourself and perhaps your family?

Then those few minutes perhaps,

After all that has finished and you have 2 minutes to yourself.


What do you do to get “There”?

Transcendental alchemy of the Serotonin.

With closed eyes and slow your heartbeat.

Brought on by calm and smoother breathing?

What does your mind and eye focus on; just before that moment happens.

When after my working day is done; personal tasks and jobs at home, to get it all to fade away so I can relax in my head.

I see Bonsai Trees and a waterfall of some sort, a Woodland feel and smell, trickle of water and perhaps something to keep the area feeling more humid than hot so it was refreshing at midday and full sun on a scorching hot day.

I can smell flowers near me and lots of different ones.

I want something simple and elegant to correlate that and potentially a Custom Order of 20 Bonsai Trees…

You know, Simple and Elegant but not costing the earth and being Functional was the Bottom Line…

A small fortune effect on a Budget.

Gotta love a Challenge, right?


The Finer Project Brief

RBT Memo #Project Start

This Project required Easy to manage Trees that could be a little hands free with a bit of know how or applied logic and creativity.


The Trees also had to be “Hot Swappable”, so as one tree needed or gained favour, and was to be displayed.

Other trees had to be ready to go into “The feature” being built for them to perhaps spend a week on view to the public or Months if so desired.

And hold the trees waiting or just coming from the Front Garden Centrepiece Feature, could carry on being healthy and flourish: but also carry on giving pleasure and joy while serious landscaping at the back was taking shape to hold the number of trees used out front on show to ensure some peace and tranquility of the Bonsai Trees was present as well as Trees and Other Bonsai MAterial could be scattered in and Around the Front, Side and Rear Garden Space…

Someone was going to spend time with these trees and the rest of the garden it was built to have this as the focal point of the House they lived at.

Yet also be something to be seen by passers-by and enjoyed.


Security: Low

Fences on all sides of the house.  Most easily to step over or climb over a small 5 foot chain link fence or Privet’s of similar height or more.

Most of the Garden Spaces were visible from the street.  So all stock mostly in Plain sight.

Stock mustn’t be of Premium or Traditional Bonsai Price Ranges, so Starter Material Stock Price market.

Starter Collection and some bought in Pre-Bonsai Stock Only for Initial Budget.

On Site Hard Landscaping is about to begin clearing major parts of the Garden Spaces to Remove all the hardcore and rubble left behind when the house was a New Build nearly 20 years ago.


Other Difficulties for Stock Required:

Initial Budget and sourcing Stock.

Client often spent large amounts of time due to work commitments.

Request for potential fully automated irrigation system on a Timer, if possible from Harvested Rain Reservoir Storage on Site and if needed backed up with Mains H20 and Electric access till a Solar Powering Option for emergency Pump could be sourced or Created that could push the volume of Water and Humidification out if Required in an Emergency.

Fluctuations of Heat as South Facing Front of House – Mostly Full Sun Aspect from Morning through till evening – Front and Rear Garden Spaces.  So extreme temperatures and Wind Plus and Minus of -5 to perhaps 10 Degrees Celsius through to no higher than 30 to 35 in a rare hot spell + Thermal Properties of Large Brickwork of the Front of the House as well as the Public Footpath and Kerbed Road holding Thermal Energy and Radiating Heat very close by.

Most people would kill for this Aspect Facing and it’s a great situation for growing plants, trees and harvestable food as Client does some “Grow your own Vegetables” as well as having an interest in growing all the Plants and Flowers from Seed as the Female of the Couple liked the idea of also popping out to the Front Garden to Hand Pick her own Fresh off the plant Sweet Corn and pop it into boiling water seconds later for Delicious Corn on The Cob.

“While walking past Bonsai Trees!

Oh, add a Water Feature if you can, can the smell of fresh bark and woodland flowers be smelled as soon as the Front Door is Opened, or Guests Arrive to Call too?

Be nice if something was showing off in each Season, especially Spring?



Tree Conditions.

Oh boy…

Project Gallery.


Project Gallery Notes from Creator and Designer:

Bonsai Zen Garden with Water Feature Images Owned by The Client.

All use or misuse is not Condoned, These Are Subject to Copyrights.

Please ask for use before using elsewhere Please.


Contact RBT for details of the Image Owner and Who the Copyright belongs if you wish to ask for permission for their use Please.

Contact Form for this is Here.

Respect the Owners and the Artists or Bonsai Trees Care Team or Servicing Agents.

They allow you to View their Fantastic Trees or Collection.

Or see how well your Bonsai Tree or Trees can be taken care of while you are away at Work or on Business or even on Holiday.

This Client Couldn’t risk his Trees not being Watered on Schedule with the Weather and for extended amounts of time but by….

Service personnel that know about your Bonsai Trees and how to care for them @ your Home or Office.

Modulate and care for the Frequency of Feeds and Essential Pruning and Care during Seasonal Changes or Requirements; of Both HEalth and Vigour as well as Aesthetics and Viewing Requirements.

Assist you in your Vision of your Chosen Viewing Platform for the Trees Outside during Concept and Creation through to building and final execution of the Design Brief if needs to.

To provide you Trees you can Rent if Required and then have a Bonsai Technician and Teacher or Care Provider under Instruction and Training work on your trees so you just get to sit and enjoy them when in Their Species Dependent Displays or Features.

About Rutland Bonsai.

You Tell US:

What Species you like.

Which Variety.

What Size Foliage or Canopy as well as trunk size and Nebari.

We will then source your Material of Choice from the Species it was decided you wanted and organise the Year round care and upkeep of Maintaining your Chosen Tree or Trees.

This Service Requires A Private Viewing Pass and Account with Rutland Bonsai.  (Official Sponsors of Rutland Bonsai Therapy.)

Tree Stock and Nursery is Not Open to the Public.

Access by Confirmed Appointment Internet Viewing Bookings Only.

We Design your Space and the Tree with you and carry on it’s On Site Care and Requirements.

Concept, Design, Execution and After Care Packages.

Holiday Package.

4 Season Care.

Hydration and Feed Only Plan.

Assessment Required for Advice or Problem Solving.  –  Public & Privately.

VIP Service and Full Package Arrangements.


Blue light and Defence Discount Discounts Card Holders – Please Mention this on The Contact form.

(You may be required to prove this to Achieve a Discount.)


View Our Trees.

Current Trees being Prepared to be Taken from the Ground or Site they will be collected from.

Larch Gallery.

Acer Gallery.

Pine Gallery.

Privet Gallery.

Redwood Gallery.

Olive Gallery.

Maidenhair Gallery.

Fuji Cherry Gallery.

Honeysuckle Gallery.

Cotoneaster Gallery.



Cacti; Fine, Special and Flowering.

Carnivorous Plants; Fly Traps, Sundews, Pitcher and Sarracenia + Others!


Important Note from Rutland Bonsai Team about Seed or Stock Sold by us.

All Seed Collected or Processed for use on our Nursery are the ones USed for our Stock and have been Grown on Site from Seed their selves or Cultivated for the Nursery HEalth and Operation for Pollination and other Horticultural Requirements.

Your Product may contain Elements or Traces of:

Chemical Fertilisers or Mycorrhizal Fungi .

Chemical Fertilisers to enable Growth and Development or for Care Plan of your tree to its intermediate Container Conditions Process is Less Risky when it comes to Harvest your Tree and Prepare it for the Pot you have personally selected for you or the Person you are Buying it for and Root Pruning and Training for Size and Shape can begin.

(Gift Package Services by Special ORders only.  Contact Rutland Bonsai about this matter – Click Here.)


Mycorrhizal Fungi is used in this Bonsai and Flower Nursery and it’s Associated Ongoing and Long Term Care and Design Works or Projects.  So Rutland Bonsai tries to Balance all forms of Feeds through the Leaf and Roots an using as many Natural Products as possible If possible.  However as many Trees are generally Chemical Fed we try to Balance that with Nature and a Natural Symbiotic Relationship with the Ground while in it and allow the good Features this offers to go on with the Tree when it Leaves the Rutland Bonsai Nursery.

Be that from Site to your Home via a Personal Purchasing through VIP Selection and Preparation to Pot.  Or via the Online only aspect of the Nursery Services.


We felt is only fair to have that said Upfront and Outright before you buy from us.

We would be happy to discuss your Chemical Free Solutions for Tree Buying or Care if you Contact us about it.


Seeds, Flowers, Cuttings as well as Trees for Sale at Customer Collection Points or Via Internet Orders, Shop or Online Sales are:

Either Grown, Prepared then harvested and Packaged Specifically for you or the Tree and all Other Materials for Horticultural Use are Dried naturally on Site or Frozen if Cold Stratification is Required at point of collection/Harvest if it Increases viability at point of Sale and Dispatch from us to you or ensures freshness from date of Order Picking for your Specific Products and Availability to Fill your Full order.


This Business is affected by Weather and Seasons, so time of year Critical and Exempt for Stock Production or Harvest Times.

We Cheat Nature when we can; to get some Early Starts or advance and LAter Length of Production of Stock and MAterials to Grow our Own Stock and Supplies on Products and Stock alike, but Mother Nature is not to be Cheated if you try to push her too much.  Even with Technology currently.  She makes the toll steep and harsh.  So stock and seed at her Mercy and Plants or Lifeforms being what they are, some years Seasonal or Species Shortages may be Natural Occurrences or Anomalies.

Pests and Diseases of Stock also comes under the above Statement.

We only sell a few plants inside near perfect Biospheres and even that comes with the potential of Problems with Pests and Diseases.  Often as not it is Aftercare or Sowing issues for Non Germination issues or Unhealthy Plants.

Read Care Sheet or Specific Webpage about your Product.  Not just the Details or Description.  Or at least refer to the one that came with your Product Order when Cultivating or Planting on the Stock.



Flower Stock for Sale:


(Or are reliable enough to Seed and Return Annually without having to assist them.)

Echinops Plants:

Flower Heads for Live Use as well as Dried and Seed Heads


Lupin Plants:

Flower Heads for Live Use as well as Dried Seed and Seed Heads.


Reliable Annuals – Often Considered Perennials Due to being Prolific and Regular Annual Visitors once Seed has Set.


Foxglove Seed.

Aquilegia Seed.


Annuals; Poppy (Mixed and Wild Species)


Coming Soon.

Poppy – Royal Wedding (Seeds or Cuttings/Dried Flowers Only.)

Echinops – 4 Varieties + Possible Hybrids.


Pine Trees (3 Types – all UK hardy Rated as Grown from Seed in The UK.)

Larch ( 2 Types – all UK hardy Rated as Grown from Seed in The UK.)

Chinese Elm Gallery.

Ginkgo Gallery.

Acer Gallery.

Privet Gallery. ( 2 Types – all UK hardy Rated as Grown from Seed in The UK.)

Redwood Gallery. ( 2 Types – all UK hardy Rated as Grown from Seed in The UK.)

Olive Gallery.

Maidenhair Gallery.

Fuji Cherry Gallery.

Honeysuckle Gallery.

Cotoneaster Gallery.



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