Day Service Clients

What is a Day Service Client?


Rutland Bonsai Therapy is partially a Social Enterprise, we aim to include people who would not normally get the opportunity to work, to work.

Sounds simple enough?  Right?  More often than not, this isn’t the case actually.


Many Social Workers spend a large part of their time dedicated to working with members of our Community who for many reasons have personal issues from Challenging Behavior through to Learning disabilities.  Attempting to find places for them to join the “Rank and File” of Society to be productive and included members in the workforce.


Not so idle hands can be made use of, more so they can achieve a sense of worth and a job well done at the end of a day from their personal efforts.  As an inclusive society Social Workers are doing a job with a pure belief the people they work with deserve a chance to shine and do something they are not only good at, but can also be good at; as well as attain the rewards that should go hand in hand with all this entails.


In a joint venture with Shadow Of The Gardener; we aim to provide places for people with very unique abilities, assets, skills and often a passion or work ethic unrivalled by most into a situation where they can also work hard and reap the rewards of that toil.  It may not be in a situation where a 9-5 job 5 days a week is viable, it may only be for a few hours every week.  Those moments though are Golden opportunities for someone with Flair, Passion and Skills can be given an opportunity to show these qualities.  The results from which can be quite breathtaking, staggering and very worthwhile.

We strive to place a Support worker and a Day Service Client together to achieve these aims and goals.


A strong solid team that does what is needed or required rarely consists of a Single person.



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