About Pricing;

Each session is Price Structured based on:

  1. Your Session needs.
  2. location of the session. (Session at RBT HQ or Home Visit.)
  3. Then booking length.
  4. Client Account Status.
  5. Discounts for Local Authority/Grant/NHS Support etc.


Basic Bonsai Therapy Sessions from £35 Per Hour.

Basic HT Sessions from £25 Per Hour.

Group Discounts available*

Block Booking Discounts*

Discounts are offered where possible.

Local Authority funding welcomed.

Doctors, Occupational Therapist or Social Work etc referrals welcome.


*based on numbers and session length/group booking requirements + Transport Options.


Local Authority Funding or Grants may be available to you so you can experience Horticultural Therapy and it’s benefits.

I also offer certain discounts where possible and practical, such as:

Armed Forces and NHS Bluelight Scheme Card Holders.


Due to the nature of your reason to choose RBT as your HT source.

Your needs and requirements are mainly what set the pricing structure for your Sessions.

The price per hourly session rate depends entirely on you and how much support or 1-2-1 you require + If I require any additional training or support to facilitate your Session and Health needs + Insurances or other Legally required elements.

Finally and above all, everything is factored around what needs or goals you have set for your therapy if any at all other than relaxing.


As a basic guideline, here is a rough breakdown of the pricing:


  • Basic 1-2-1 Allotment Experience Session – No transport provided.*
  • From £25 Per Person – Per Hour.
  • Includes Break time Hot Drink.

Time spent working in or on, around or about the beds and polytunnel or Trees and Flower beds.

Being supported to grow, sow, plant or Hoe.  As the season and session area requires.

Or sit down and chat with a drink and Shadow to fuss and play with as and when required/desired.


  • Basic 1-2-1 Bonsai Experience Session – No transport provided.*
  • From £30 – Per Person – Per Hour.
  • Includes Break time Hot Drink.  (Basic Tea or Coffee unless Ordered before by arrangement.)


Time spent working in or on, around or about the Bonsai Nursery  and polytunnel or with the Bonsai Trees.

Shaping and pruning, wiring or cleaning.

Growing the next generation of stock.

Caring for the Yamadori and potted stock.


* If you require Transport for Collection from home to Drop off @ RBT for your Session;

This can be made by prior arrangement and at the agreed RBT charges to hire the RBT Vehicle and Driver.

Or local Taxi companies can provide transport and support to facilitate that can be given if required.

We will both:

Charge Per Mile @ Set rates and include discounted prices for Regular Account work; or Return Charges for out of County journeys.

RBT will honor a Shared Journey discount for Clients sharing a Journey in the RBT vehicle who are on a group booking session.

RBT Premium Client Account holders are entitled to Pick up from Home to get them to their RBT Session in relaxed comfort and then Return to their Home after their Weekly Scheduled Session – Subject to Weather and other unforeseen circumstances mechanical or traffic conditions.

  1. Support from the Public Pavement at the entrance for the Plots is available.
  2. An escort can be waiting to meet you if required to assist you to the RBT plots or Communal Area.
  3. Communal Outdoor Eating Spaces and Seating available.
  4. Fancy a RBT Summer BBQ Session Special Deal?


Please speak to Simon about any of these services if needed, thanks.