Reclaimed Wood Creations

One of the things Rutland Bonsai Therapy likes to do is make something New out of Something Old…

Having discovered the usefulness of discarded wood, the owner of RBT has shunned buying new Timber to make things, and instead would rather make as much as possible from Donated or Sourced Reclaimed Timber.  It’s good for the Environment, looks better than Metal staging and in most cases lasts a few years more; even if untreated.

Initially crafting “Greenhouse Staging, Grow Beds, Planters and even Workshop Benches” out of reclaimed Pallets or Timber intended for disposal, RBT now offers you a bespoke service to provide you Greenhouse Staging, Grow Beds, Planters and even Workshop Benches that will last years.

It’s what we use, so why shouldn’t you?

Staging Bench Image

This is an example of a Treated Reclaimed Staging Bench.

Through to a Shed Workbench that will take some serious punishment, Raised Beds or a Planter that can sit outside the Front of your House and get as much attention as the Flowers or Plants in them!

We offer various levels of Service and Trim, from refined “Smooth Sanded and Stained works” to encase your Flowers, Plants or Trophy Vegetables through to Rough Cut and Untreated Staging for you to grow on in your Shed or for Polytunnel use.  Stained in the Colour you desire and built to the Size and Specification you need.

I used to have a 5m x 2m x 2m Polytunnel, filled with Reclaimed Pallet Wood Staging. down both sides, except for the large Custom built Potting Area & Workbench.

The Staging would take soakings 2 or 3 times a day in Spring through till Autumn when seed propagation or daily watering were required!

The Workbench took Power Tool use up to using a Chainsaw to cut hardwood on it; and the potting workbench would take as much weight in soil and substrate as was needed to mix and fill 10 Seed trays worth of soil.

Even drilling through a Cracked Willow Stump with a Bosch Drill didn’t phase the Bench!!!!

No Metal Staging or Potting bench that wasn’t from an expensive Trade Supplier and purchased from Amazon or ebay etc I know of; took this amount of abuse and was left standing after 2 years.  Nor was it able to take the constant cycle of heat, humidity and water soaking most staging or shelving in a Greenhouse or Polytunnel gets on a daily basis through the Growing Season through till the next Spring when it all starts again!

This was down to solid wood being combined with Premium Screws, and the Reclaimed Wood used was good quality and even though it was not treated or coloured, it lasted a few years without so much as an issue!

2 Winters and 2 Summers of hot, humid, damp conditions and the Benches and Staging took it all, the Polytunnel frame however, needed replacing after a full year!

While the untreated Benches, Grow Beds, Planters & Staging we can offer will last, for the Garden and out in the Elements; we Advise Treated and Stained variants.  Firstly so they match your Garden and other items, but also for that “built to last” look.  If they are for outside use, we also advise going that little bit further and getting Sanded and Smoothed wood is well worth it.  The Raw wood look however is very much in Fashion and Vogue of late, the Bleaching effect of the Sun and weathered “Raw wood” look fits well with certain gardens styles.  No doubt Alan Titchmarsh and Monty Don would approve!

We source the Wood, you choose the Colour, Size and Use.

Or if you Wish, we can supply Planters, Grow Beds and Staging or Work Benches made from Decking for uniformity and a Bespoke look.  Also available in Colour and treated options that you can define.

All Wooden Garden items are Crafted by hand and using Weatherproof Fittings.

Contact us with your Specifications and Requirements for a Quote.

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Please be aware, these items ARE built to last.

Transporting them is usually done once they are built to order.  They are generally VERY HEAVY And Bulky depending on what you ordered.

We are not responsible for transportation costs if they do not fit in our usual delivery vehicle.  You will either be responsible for Collecting or getting the Item delivered.  You will be informed upon the receipt of your order if you will be required to organise Collection or Delivery yourself or only “On Site” building is available for the item you requested a quote for.

We offer no guarantee of the longevity of any Custom Wood Creation if the Options you choose at time of ordering do not include a Wood Preservation Coating, and even if you do; the only assurance is of the coating manufacturer you select when we ask you to select a Colour/Preservative Manufacturer during Quote finalisation.

If you neglect to “retreat the wood” after the Manufacturer’s guidelines, or the Crafted item is exposed to use outside the original purpose we are not liable nor responsible and no refunds will be granted.

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