Gardening Services

If you wish to have your Garden cleaned up, replanted or wish to get some plants grown for you because you lack the ability, time or required propagation facilities then perhaps we can help.

Gardening Services.

We can provide basic Gardening Services such as Hedge clipping, Lawn mowing, Pruning, rockery installation, weeding and water feature work.

If possible we would like to include some of our Day Service Clients in this work as part of the philosophy of Rutland Bonsai Therapy is about being a Social Enterprise.  Giving people the chance to be productive and a valued part of the community is a large part of what we are about.  However if you would rather than one of our Garden Technicians can come and do the work for you.

Contact us with a rough outline of what you want done and we will arrange to come view your garden and give a quote.

Front Garden Project - how it began and 2 years after

2 years in the making. All plants grown from seed. Working Water Feature. Large Rockery. All year round Colour or Interest.

Technical Garden work.

We work alongside other specialists to provide more involved and highly technical work, so if you want something a bit special creating or have a larger garden that requires some specialist skills we can work with you to get done what you need doing and you can have peace of mind knowing a qualified and highly trained person did the work for you.

Decking, Driveway, Path and Patio cleaning.

If your Drive or Decking is looking a bit tired and unloved or your paths and patio are looking a little worse for wear after Winter, then we can come and clean them using a Kärcher Pressure washer system.  This can revitalise your garden or set you up nicely for the BBQ season.

Propagation for your garden.

Always fancied having a certain flower, plant, species of shrub or tree but the cost has always prohibited you from buying one from a Nursery or Garden Centre?  Or you simply don’t have the time and required facilities to grow them yourself?  Can’t find the species you want in the area or the number you require?

We can offer you a service you may like.  We grow the plants for you, from seed or cuttings* if available and then when they are ready to plant out we deliver them to you and if required plant them for you.

Even if what you want is an Exotic or Tropical species we have a Fully Timed, Temperature & Humidity Controlled propagation system as well as a large covered growing area to ensure plants can make it through bad weather and be protected, ready for the right time of year for them to go into your garden.

While you may not get a mature specimen, it does however mean that you get the plant you want, and you can specify certain criteria for the place you want it instead of having to buy what is available and live with a plant you like but one that is not the right shape or has multiple trunks or stems.  Once the plant of your choice is in your garden you can control how it grows so you get what you want.


* From seed or Cuttings service.

Due to the inherent difficulties in nature of obtaining a viable Cutting or getting the exact Seed & subsequent propagation that you wish growing for your garden might be difficult.  You must either Source the donor Cutting or Seeds yourself, or allow us to locate one for you.

If you locate and provide the Donor Cutting or Source the Seed yourself, we accept no liability or Responsibility for the “Strike” % or Germination % of any Seed you supply us for Cultivation or Propagation.

If you require Rutland Bonsai Therapy to Source Cuttings or Seeds of a Species:

This may take time and resources to do so if we are required to do it for you in the same way a dedicated Nursery or Stockist may require, the end cost of this is based on an hourly rate while a search is performed.

However, you set the time frame for this and a standard Flat Fee of £20 Per Hour is charged for this service and no Assurances or Guarantee is made nor implied that it will be successful if we locate a Donor or Seed supplier.

With regards seed Propagation; it must be noted that some Seeds are very difficult to grow from seed stock, even if “perfect conditions” are provided by Rutland Bonsai Therapy.  Certain seeds have a very low germination rate or viability threshold and we are not responsible for non germination of difficult seeds.  No refunds will be offered in this matter, nor will any refunds be offered for Failed Cuttings “Taking” and rooting.

All precautions and advised protocols will be applied and followed during Cutting, Rooting and Seed germination stages, we are not legally responsible to provide stock which failed to germinate or take root though.

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