Gardening is good for you?


Since the 1800’s Gardening has been used as a form of Therapy.

Is this proven Science?


At the time of writing this page Google shows 124 MILLION Results about this exact statement!

Why is Gardening good for me?

It reduces stress levels and enables you to spend time in a relaxing environment.  You may live your daily life in a situation where access to a garden is restricted, spending time outdoors and surrounded is not easily available, or you may have never had the chance to enjoy the thrill of planting a seed and watching it grow!

Plants are non threatening, OK, some of the Carnivorous plants may seem a bit threatening, but only if you are an insect or small creature who gets caught by one, and some of the Cacti can be prickly.

Other than that, there is not much in life as satisfying as planting a tiny seed and watching it grow into a small plant, then moving it on from there in stages to a larger pot through to planting it in the ground and watching it grow into a mature plant or vegetable.  & I defy you to beat the taste of something you have grown from seed or bulb and nurtured to the point you get to harvest it, cook it and delight in the sublime taste difference from something you buy from a shop!

“I’ve never planted anything let alone sowed seeds to grow something, will I still benefit from time spent with Rutland Bonsai Therapy?”

Probably far more than someone who has spent time in a garden and planted or grown things!  You will be amazed at how fast things can grow with a bit of care and by just putting them in dirt and giving them a sprinkle of water and giving them some heat.

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