Covid 19 – December Update

Currently Remaining Closed till further notice.


Due to the One on One nature and requirements of this service and it’s Service Users requirements.

Rutland Bonsai Therapy is to stay Closed.


Till further notice and a Stable Health Climate is viable.


Horticultural Therapy offered by this Company requires Front line Key working Ability & Skills.



Due to the nature of Covid and infection rate/Casualty situation it is not viable.

Till Covid is brought under control.



We deeply regret this as we would have wished to Start our First full season from the start of Spring 2020.

We are doing what we can to perhaps try again for Spring 20201.


Till further notification a further study by a British University Professor in regards Horticultural Therapy; with specifically our Bonsai Therapy approach and application angle in mind; is also still on hold for the same reasons.

Rutland Bonsai Therapy wishes our Service Users and Supporters and friends alike well wishes and to stay safe please.


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