Yamadori Larch Trees

Another busy day down at the Bonsai nursery.

Grown from seed about 4 years ago; this row of Larch trees are now ready to be dug up and moved on to a container. Where the rootball will develop and be trained to prepare them for a life as Bonsai.

This one was about 16 foot tall before I chopped it. Allowed to grow tall to thicken up the trunk and mature in the ground; it’s been doing just that for the last 2 years or so!

As can be seen, it has started to develop a nice rootball; and some fat Nebari.

I was concerned when digging out time came; these Larch would be a struggle. Given they had been in the ground for over 2 years & had put on over 10 foot in height!

Luckily though this one came out without too much of a fight.

After a quick root prune and potting on; it’s set to sit the winter out and will hopefully bounce back in spring.

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