Productive week in Spring

It’s been an amazing 7 days down the plots!

Planted or Sown this week at the Lottie:

  • Sarpo Mira Seed Potatoes (Main Crop).  Amazing Large Jacket Spud main crop variety!
  • Onions Red Baron and Snowball (White).
  • Parsnips (For a Neighbour.)
  • Sunflowers (Can’t have a year without Sunflowers!)
  • Rudbeckia.
  • Zinnia.

Coming on strong in the Bonsai Studio and Grow Tent:

  • Larch/Larix.
  • Salvia (Blaze of Fire – Annual flower I always grow as it’s a lush Red showstopper!))
  • Sweet Peas
  • Hollyhocks
  • Cat Grass
  • Japanese Pagoda Tree
  • Sweetcorn (Already 8 Inches tall!)

(Neither is a fully comprehensive list…)

This week has certainly been a good week weather wise, the temperatures have hit 20 degree Celsius and the latter part of the week has been full sun and scorching hot.  So the soil temperature has been boosted and perfect for sowing seeds, so long as you can get chance to keep it watered and not frazzle any seeds/germination!

I managed to get my first (probably not the last) Sunburn of the year.  One of the perks/downsides of working outdoors is of course getting the sun or catching it and having to manage that aspect.  However, that said: this is why I like doing what I do as it certainly helps my mood being out in the warmer weather and certainly if the sun is out.  One of the main benefits for me is how it helps keep my mood stable and pick me up after “The Winter Blues”.

I suffer with what is commonly termed as Seasonal Adjustment Disorder (S.A.D), which equates to low periods of feelings and emotions during the colder months.  So the start of Spring is something I look forward too and actually need as by the time it has rolled around my mood has sunk to an all time low and I’m struggling with depression due to the lack of sun and of course the actual heat it brings.  I use Horticultural Therapy in my daily life to improve my life, and this is one of the main reasons I started Rutland Bonsai Therapy.  So I try to make the most of the Spring and Summer months to “Charge my batteries” and elevate my mood!

I should perhaps reiterate, that Horticultural Therapy isn’t some new Fad or Trend, it has been around since World War I.  Rutland Bonsai Therapy has not just rehashed some Guru type philosophy to try to earn a fast and easy living.  It’s basic principle is of course based on medical fact and a solid reason to consider it!

While we may encourage the use of Bonsai to facilitate the base level of benefits, we also encourage the more traditional ideal of just being out in the garden and gardening doing the usual things gardeners do, as well as other things such as going to a garden centre or some other local horticultural place to reap the benefits on offer by being outdoors and in a setting that provides a natural lift to your mood and mental state.

It’s all great therapy and good for you!

Just getting out and about in this weather improves your mood!

Let alone getting the hand tools out and working the soil.

I’ve spent most of the week pottering around working through the “To Do List” and making progress.  This is between forking over the soil, hoeing up drills or rows, sowing seeds, planting seed potato and doing the ever required weeding of things you don’t want spoiling your appearance or crowding out your hard work of plants or veg you want over things you don’t!

That said, appearances are not everything, and much as we may wish for a perfect patch of garden or Allotment, it’s near impossible to ensure it stays that way!

You can charge around with a Hoe or trowel all day if you wish, but sooner or later the dreaded weeds are awake and running rampage long before the crops or flowers you sow or plant get chance to get going.  Keeping on top of them though is a fair battle and one you won’t often totally win.

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