May Special Offer

Special May 2018 Offer…

Due to the start of the “Good weather” RBT thought it might be nice to make a Special Offer for The Month of May.

Book 10 x One Hour Sessions and pay for Nine!  (One Free!)

  • OR…

Book 20 x One Hour Sessions and pay for only Seventeen! (Three Free!)


Details of this offer:

Sessions can be taken in blocks of a few hours at a time or an hour a day.  So if you’d like to spend a morning or afternoon you could use 4 hours at once, or if you just want a quick visit then an hour session can be booked.

This Offer can be taken at the RBT plots or used at your own home working on your own Garden!

All sessions must be taken by the end of the Gardening Season for 2018, this offer ends when the weather means Gardening ceases due to poor weather. (Oct/Nov usually.)  Any sessions not taken by the end of this years season are lost and will not be carried forward into the New Year.

Sessions must be pre booked and are subject to availability, so book early.  Currently taking bookings for May and June now!  (April is fully booked, sorry.)

Payment of the sessions in advance only, either by Card payment/Bank Transfer or Cash.


What can you do in a session?

Horticultural Therapy is not a strict regime or set programme, it has a loose structure to allow your needs or requirements to be met.  Or tailored to the time of year and what your garden or the plots needs doing currently.

Typical sessions can involve seed sowing/propagation, planting flowers/bulbs, working with Bonsai trees or just pottering around your own Garden with someone who can do the heavy lifting or work while you join in if you’d like.

Or making something from reclaimed wood such as a Bug House or perhaps staging for your garden through to a bird table if you wish to bang some nails in or saw some wood.

Each session is meant to give you the benefits of being outside and enjoying the experience and benefits of being in a Garden or on the Rutland Bonsai Therapy plots.

So it’s really up to you what you’d like to do.


What to do next if you wish to book for this Special Offer?

Please use the Contact Page to get in touch about this offer and book your space now!

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