Forking it over…

Another day with a fork spent in my hand.

While the weather is mild and the ground is in need of it, guess it’s one of a hundred days to be spent forking it over.

A bit of a sweat on is no bad thing though, it is after all the backbone of the job so to speak.  Also a good way to start working the wrist I injured last year, this is supposed to be Horticultural Therapy after all!  🙂

Spent the bulk of the day finishing up the bottom of Plot 1, turning it over and getting out as much weed root and weeds as possible, but only a rough turn over while the soil is as wet as it currently is.  Still filled a few wheelbarrow loads up of weed and roots.  All of which ended up on the weed compost bin to be burned at a later date.

The bottom of Plot 1 will need to be gone over again and continued to be weeded out a few more times though.  Then when it’s as weed and weed root free as possible get it covered and then start raking it down once the drier weather arrives.  Then once it is able to be raked it will be worked over a few times to break it down and prepare it for planting.

Luckily the trees that will be planted there are close by, they are doing well and are more than ready for the extra room to start growing on.  They will get a root pruning and a bit of a top clip so they are easy to transplant and can get off to a good start.


Shadow was for the most really good today, he decided to have one little escapade when he saw another dog and it’s owner walking by, so shot off for a play.  As you can see by the pictures he was on  his return placed in the dog house and was feeling sorry for himself.  Seems he’s grazed his nose today on something, think it may be the big fat juicy bone I got him from the local butchers to keep him entertained and happy while I got a sweat on and covered in mud!

I then started working close to his “Kennel” and started to look at the top area of Plot 2, so I could see the state of the soil and how much the weeds have pervaded the ground, it’s not too bad, but will still require a good deal of attention with the fork and weeding before covering ready for the planting season to begin.

I forgot to take pictures of the last section worked on today, behind Shed 1, this area had previously been sown with “Green Manure”, an experiment started over a year ago to bring back some nutrients to the soil and one that went a little out of control.  The weeds eventually took a bit of a hold so it’s now going to take some serious work to remove them all and get it back to a planting state.

Must thank my missus for bringing me a nice hot strong Coffee during her Lunch break, was much-needed and most appreciated!

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