When trees grow up

Larch Tree progression.

I bought the Larch tree featured in this post from ebay about 7 years ago. As you will see; it was tiny and came with 3 main trunks. Near matchstick thin and a young sapling.

Time inevitably marches (Or Larches; in this case) on…

The tree was quickly potted on from the small home it came in and had probably been sown in. I transferred it into a plastic Bonsai training pot; with my own mix of Bonsai soil; so it drained quickly but retained moisture due tot he substrate mix used.

I learned it’s requirements and needs to keep it growing steadily and so I could learn to water it correctly and then start basic training procedures to again; learn more about this species & gain hands on experience of them. As at the time I was a novice and only had a few Bonsai in my collection. So each new species was training for myself; as well as the tree.

Young Larch tree bought from ebay on the day it arrived.
3 Years in a training pot; then 3 years in the ground…

As you can see; the original “Triple trunks” have been trained outwards and for a “rough Y-shape” The 3 trunks are thickening up nicely and the secondary branching is starting to come into place.

If the weather when the season to harvest this tree are right this year. I will dig this Larch up and then start to train the roots; now the branches and trunk are approaching the size I was planning and hoping for when I put this tree in the ground to “Fatten up”.

All being well in a few more years it will be ready to be pot trained and really start its journey to becoming Bonsai.

Hand cultivated & grown Yamadori style.

Rutland Bonsai Therapy in action.

This tree has given me immense pleasure for many years. I’ve found peace and tranquility in the time I have spent caring for it and tending it. Watching it grow from such a small thing into something with power and gravitas; while still being in the ground.

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